10 strategies I have learned to deal with Psoriasis

1. Don’t eat sugar. Sugar causes most of the itching. I used to wake up with my hands (I get psoriasis on my palms) feeling like they were on fire from itching so much. Quit sugar, most flakiness and all itching stopped

2. Sleep on your right side or on your back. Don’t sleep on your left side or on your stomach. Sleeping on your left opens your right nostril(read: The Science of Breath by Swami Rama), which stimulates your left brain and overheats your body. You wake up sweating and the itching feels like it’s on fire. No dermatologist told me this. I discovered it by reading that little book and by experimenting on myself

3. Acupuncture really works, especially for chronic ailments like psoriasis

4. Stress is the trigger; exercise, yoga and meditation relieve stress. The food you eat can exacerbate or relieve stress. Figure it out. Reduce your stress

5. The food you eat is the cause. The body is basically trying to eliminate toxins through the skin, triggering an auto-immune response that leads to attacks on the skin.
a. Make sure your digestion is good.
i. You should eliminate in the morning everything you ate the day before, including at night
ii. There are ways to test the transit time of food in your body. If it’s staying in the gut too long, toxins will flourish. Meat stays in the gut for a long time.
iii. Do very careful cleanses because, if you are too radical, the cleanse is more harmful than the disease.
b. Eat foods that are easily digested
c. Don’t eat out; prepare your food with love, not with the anger and frustration that most chefs use as seasoning
d. Find out which foods alkalize and which acidify your body. Alkalize.
e. Eat a little – don’t overdo portions
f. Avoid bad salt, bad oils (even good oils go bad if overheated), nightshades, and other     toxins
g. Drink water at the rate of half your body weight in ounces per day

6. Go to bed early (10 pm), wake up early (before sunrise). This gives you real rest. When you are poorly rested, you tend to overeat to compensate for lack of energy, craving quick energy food like carbs, sugar and caffeine.

7. Surfing is great for relieving flaky skin and sores. I guess it’s the salt water; maybe the ozone of the crashing waves; maybe the exercise and stress relief; maybe the wide horizon and nature; probably everything

8. Read books like Healing Psoriasis by John Pagano

9. Dermatologists are useless when dealing with chronic or degenerative diseases. Actually, most doctors are, but dermatologists seem to be the most conservative and closed-minded physicians out there. Avoid them; they are drug pushers.

10. Live a little bit. Find joy in every moment. Louise Hay says psoriasis indicates “a fear of being hurt, deadening the senses of the self and refusing to accept responsibility for my own feelings.” So, Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

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3 Responses to Psoriasis

  1. Penelope says:

    Richard, as you say, assuring a good digestion and drinking plenty of water is essential. I was always regular (vegetarian diet and 3 quarters of water a day), but eight years ago I fell in love with steel cut oatmeal for breakfast and suddenly my scalp psoriasis cleared completely (almost my whole scalp and the back of my neck and ears were covered with plaques before the oatmeal). I am convinced that it was the oats because there was no other change of life or diet. I had a recent small surge because of stress, went back to the oatmeal breakfast and the psoriasis again cleared.

    The oats have proved beneficial for a few other people I know. My 70+ father-in-law has struggled with eczema his whole life, started to eat oatmeal every morning two years ago, and his skin is not breaking anymore.

    I could not find any research on oatmeal for treating psoriasis, but it makes a lot of sense. Oats are excellent for digestion and very nutritious, and have been traditionally used for skin ointments. It must be something other than the high content of fiber, because my diet was already full of fibers.

    To prepare two portions, I throw 1/2 cup of steel cut oatmeal in 2 cups of boiling water and leave it simmering in medium-low fire for 11 minutes. The water will have been absorbed by the oatmeal, which will still have a crunchy texture. Then I add a bit of maple syrup for sweetening (yes, it would be healthier without the sugar), fruit and chopped walnuts. It’s delicious and very filling until lunch time.

    Thanks for the post and the tip on Pagano’s book, I’ll look for it!

    • Richard says:

      Hi Penelope,

      Thanks for your comments. I’ve been trying steel cut oats since reading this and I really like it.


      • Jose German says:

        I have really bad Psoriasis … In reading your article it gives me hope that with a well balance diet, I might be able to alleviate my problem..
        This has really been a struggle, it’s embarrassing and frustrating
        but i’m taking it one day at a time……My problems areas are both of my legs and my back also my elbows….. at the same time I like to thank you for posting such great and informative article on psoriasis

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