Believe in yourself

The rocks by the sea are shaped by the water, the constant movement of the waves. The water is moved by the air, creating currents and swells. The air is moved by the sunlight, which heats up certain areas, causing the hot air to rise and creating vacuums which cause colder air to rush in. Rocks are the most dense substance, next water, next air, next sunlight, which is so subtle that it is sometimes considered a particle and sometimes considered an energy wave.

This is an analogy from Aivanhov. Rocks = body, water = emotions, air = thoughts, sunlight = beliefs

Our bodies are shaped by our emotions, liquid and constantly moving. In the faces of elders you can see the dominant emotions that prevailed in their lives and shaped their features. Our emotions are moved by our thoughts. Have a thought of fear and you will feel the panic and then your legs shake. Have a thought that you lack something and desire is felt in your body. Our thoughts are generated by our beliefs. I once asked a child if he could ski. He said “yes!” His mother said, you’ve never skied so how can you say you can? He believed he could if he tried. And he probably would have been able to. Somewhere the mother (and most adults) change the answer to “no” for something they have never tried. And the answer is self-fulfilling.

So, instead of chiseling away at rock and trying to create something out of such dense matter, fighting emotions that tell us to stay in bed and thoughts that we are inadequate, focus on your beliefs. Do you believe you have what it takes to be an artist, a musician (fill in the blank)? A great one?

What happens is that we remember little things along the way that we take as messages that we don’t have what it takes. But these are all false. It is our fear that generates the belief structure. No. Do not accept these. Look at yourself and the talent you have. It is incredible. All you need to flourish are the right conditions, like a plant needs water and good soil. The seed already has all the potential to bear abundant fruit. Look at the rocks. All they need are waves and time. The motion of emotions massage our bodies for good or evil. We can control these with our thoughts, which in turn are controlled by our beliefs.

I’m here to tell you to believe in yourself, no matter what evidence you are amassing to the contrary. I am here to wake you up and tell you to create the conditions so that your talent can grow and flourish in your life. Don’t listen to thoughts of fear and beliefs of inadequacy. You have a beautiful gift. Let it grow. Give it time. Feed it. Water it. Go to work, and while you work focus simply on feeling your inner body and experiencing the art that is happening in the moment. Go out of your mind and come to your senses. Let beauty wash over you. Have no thoughts of anything else.

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2 Responses to Believe in yourself

  1. Lucia says:

    Hello Richard, Ganesha if I may….
    It’s been a long time; I just wanted to say hello. I know that it’s been several years and MANY events happened in my life too, so I would rather not go into details, but I’m doing very good and back today, for the first time to resume guitar lessons. I am so excited, and my instructor kept asking who was my master … I blushed, and said it was you. I remembered at how I started from nothing, and thanks to you, I am able to play “some” guitar today; still love the “Manha do Carnaval” which was one of the first pieces you taught me. I’m eternally grateful for this gift, for showing me the guitar and specially Brazilian guitar. Thank you for believing in me so I could believe in myself. I hope to continue practicing and carrying your legacy for as long as I can and to teach it to my son in time. I read you are leaving this area, and truly, truly, truly want to wish you the best anywhere you go. Un abrazo fuerte, su estudiante, Lucia.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Lucia,

      It’s so nice to hear from you. Please call me when you get a chance – 240-498-8365. Sounds like you are doing well. I would like to catch up with you.

      Richard (ganesha)

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