A cricket was making a racket one night

He’d start up his love song as I’d close my eyes

To fix it meant trying to track it by ear

But as soon as I’d move, he’d shut up in fear

Now one thousand crickets chirping outside

Is God’s own symphonic lullaby

But one lonely creature lost in my room

Is an ear-splitting nails-on-chalkboard typhoon

I proceeded to disassemble my house

In search of this one sleep-stealing louse

But I only managed to shatter a glass

And slip on the water and fall on my ass

I finally stopped and my dear little friend

Started his singing all over again

I whipped my head back to search through the wreck

And painfully noticed a crick in my neck

Oh miserable miserable miserable me

From one little problem, I now had three

A cricket, a crick and crystal glass shards

Painfully lodged all over my arse

So I started my day, what else could I do?

The sun and the moon sing their own little tune

After working in pain, I came home at night

To start up again my embarrassing fight

But something was different, somehow I had changed

The anger had gone and the strategy plain

Instead of fighting what I could not control

I would simply accept it and loosen my hold

And when my little guru started to sing

I smiled cause I knew he was singing for me

And I slowly drifted to the most peaceful sleep

And softly fell into the deep, deep, deep.

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One Response to Tinnitus

  1. Richard says:

    I just remembered that I had originally called this Tinnitus because I thought it would be funny if there had never been a cricket at all. Apologies to those who suffer from that condition; I don’t mean to be insensitive. I’ve never had it but I know that those who do, suffer a lot and I don’t pretend to think that meditation is a cure for it.

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