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Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, guitarist Richard Miller is now on the faculty of Columbia University, while maintaining a busy performance schedule in New York and Washington, DC. Recent performances included Merkin Hall in NYC, the Kennedy Center, and a State Department concert. ” …a remarkable balance between disciplined technique and emotional abandon.” The Washington City Paper.

Richard and Zé Mauricio playing in Central Park

3 minute interview at the Examiner:

40 Responses to Home

  1. Leslie Brice says:

    A beautiful website and a source of light. Looking forward to reading more reflections.

  2. Pam says:

    Its fabulous, but you need more music samples.

  3. John Steinbach says:

    Great site, Richard. I agree with Pam- more music samples.

  4. Willow says:

    Hi Richard! I like your new website.

  5. Ian says:

    Great website!

  6. Richard,

    Let me know if you can perform on Tuesday, January 18 from 6p -8p at the Topaz Lounge on 17th & N Street, NW – WDC. We are sponsoring the entertainment for this networking happy hour and we will have music on two levels. Would like to set you up in the lower level of the Lounge – you will be playing solo. AT and some other musicians will be performing on the upper level. He will come down and play a few tunes with you as well. Connect with me and i will have more info towards the event.


    202-409-6453 cell

  7. Harry Thompson says:

    Richard! Awesome website. I am, also, particularly fond of the “Expressions” section. Makes good reading. I can’t wait until you get the photo gallery up and running. I will never forget the experience of working with you at Ian’s and Tammy’s wedding. I see them often at Holy Mass – which reminds me of you and that treasured experience. May Christmas blessings continue to come your way all during the New Year !

  8. Hi, Richard,
    Congratulations on your website; I know how much work setting one up is! I really enjoy your blog posts, a beautiful adjunct to your beautiful music. Let us know how to “Follow” you; I couldn’t figure that out. I look forward to getting to one of your concerts again soon. I’m finding in difficult times that music is the one thing guaranteed to lift me up!

    • Richard says:

      Hi Karen — for now, until I figure it out, you can subscribe through entries RSS, which is listed under “meta” on right hand side. Thank you!

  9. Frazier says:

    Hi Richard, great start but you will need some of your music playing to let folks hear and want to come out for a live gig…I wish you the best!

    • Richard says:

      Hi Frazier — i have links under “listen” — let me know what you think. Are you still traveling to Brazil a lot?

  10. Ryan says:

    Richard- Wonderful website. I am also fond of the reflections page. It reminds me of our long talks during my ear training study with you two summers ago.
    I wish you all the best and good luck in New York.

  11. Carlos Costa Ribeiro says:

    Prezado Richard,
    Belo site! Muito bem feito. Entretanto, tive uma certa dificuldade em encontrar os links para ouvir o som de sua música ! Gostaria de abrir o site e já ouvir o som de seu violão, quem sabe com um estudo do Villa Lobos!
    Abraço de seu tio / padrinho Carlos

    • Richard says:

      Obrigado tio Carlos. Tou com muita saudade e quero visitar voces.

    • Eunbi Kim says:

      I completely agree! It would be nice to have some music playing when the site opens up but with an option to turn it off if you wanted to on the side somewhere. Villa Lobos Etude sounds nice.

  12. Oi, Richard!!!
    Muito bom seu website.
    Bom saber de você. Quando vem ao Brasil?
    Tenho tido muito trabalho. Neste final de ano estou em turnê na Europa por 40 dias com a divulgação de meu novo CD – dedicado ao samba da Bahia, especialmente ao Samba de Roque Ferreira, um compositaor baiano com mais de 400 músicas gravadas, mas que não tem seu nome muito conhecido do grande público. Você pode ouvir um pouco no meu myspace.

    grande abraço e super 2011



  13. I love the drawing with your reflection and your gently listening expression.
    My only request, since you ask, would be to perhaps have a shaded background color, perhaps even subtly flowing thru your favorite part of the spectrum (blue thru violet to red?) between pages, rather than the white background. You certainly play in color.

    • Richard says:

      How did you know that’s my favorite part of the spectrum? I’ll have to figure out how to do that — it’s a good idea. Thanks for comments

  14. Gigi Ross says:

    Hi Richard,

    Happy to see you have a website. I look forward to exploring it.

  15. Leo Lucini says:

    Gostei muito da concepcao do seu website! Simples, elegante, bonito e inteligente (que nem eu :) ) parabens!

  16. Thomaz de Castro says:

    Estimado Richard ! O Site esta fantastico… Organizado e Direto ! Gostei muito e desejo para todos nos muita musica, saude e harmonia sempre.

    Reorganize os links dos videos e tambem dos MP3, alguns sao tocados diretamente outros nao.

    Grande Abraco do Amigo Thomaz e vamos tocar muito este ano;)

  17. Mel says:

    Nice site. More music samples, please!

  18. CRISTIANO says:

    ..amazing website!!!!

  19. Steve says:

    Cool website Richard…where can I buy your CD? :)

  20. Lucas says:

    Hi Bichard,

    So para dizer que estive no seu site.

    abraços Lucas

  21. Hay Richard,

    Nice to see your website. Look forward to hearing you again soon.

  22. claudia gargiulo says:

    Muy bueno Richard, espero que tengas muchos exitos en el 2011.
    Un abrazo

  23. Susan Oetgen says:

    Looking good, Richard! Hope to see you and Eunbi soon. xo

  24. Ganesha, adorei a sua web site. Ficou otima. Muito sucesso em NYC no ano de 2011.
    voce merece.bjs, gigi

  25. Mike Wheaton says:

    nice website, Richard.

  26. Joe Kennedy says:

    Hi Richard,
    We chatted in the park at Chevy Chase Community Center, Friendship Heights yesterday, Sunday 6/9/2012. Am looking forward to your posting about your Skype lessons. Regards,
    Joe K.

    • Richard says:

      Hi Joe — i really enjoyed our conversation. I’ve placed a note on my home page. My skype name is richrellim. Add me as friend and we can chat about lessons

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